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Water Exercise Class, Instructor Teaches in Sign Language


Due to the limited number of people who know Sign Language and are Certified exercise instructors, getting exercise instructions in Sign Language is a refreshing experience. 

Typically in any exercise classes, Deaf and Hard of Hearing people must rely on visual cues to keep up with the instructors. 

On the very rare occasion where a Sign Language interpreter is requested, it can be challenging to keep up with exercise routines and focus on the interpreter. Especially, challenging when it is an Aquatics related class.  

Amy Free, of Madison who is a certified Sign Language interpreter and Aquatics instructor is combining both skills to provide a unique services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. 

CSUN Deaf and Hard of Hearing students teach Sports Signs in American Sign Language


Sign Language interpreters, here is a resource where you can learn how to interpret sports vocabulary, jargon, signs and key concepts. 

This will be a great way for Interpreters to work on their Professional Development and produce stronger work within the field of Sports Interpretation. 

Let's hope they video record this workshop and make it available online so that folks who can't attend the workshop and practice online. 

Sign Language + Public spaces = Be careful of what you Sign
Sign Language And Sex: Treshelle Edmond Talks The Importance Of Her Role On 'Master Of None' - ESSENCE

Sign Language And Sex: Treshelle Edmond Talks The Importance Of Her Role On 'Master Of None' - ESSENCE

When using Sign Language in public, it's safe to say that 99% of people out doing their business, shopping, chatting or eating lunch won't understand a Signed conversation. 

However, there is that 1% chance that there is a person who does understand sign language and "eyes-drop" on a private conversation. 

Netflix's Master of None - "New York, I Love You" episode masterfully incorporates Sign Language in the episode. Hands up to the actors, story writers, producers and director for shinning a spotlight on realist situations and people. 

For the original article please click here: http://www.essence.com/entertainment/treshelle-edmond-talks-importance-her-role-master-none

Keeping your Interpreting Process sharp

For anyone who is thinking about becoming or are already in the interpreting profession, here are some great points to think about for monitoring and improving your own work. 

Here are key points that Elisabet Tiselius, freelance interpreter talks about:

1. Should interpreters, like musicians, practice their scales and arpeggios?

2. How can interpreters identify weak spots in their performance?

3. How can interpreters avoid bad habits?

4. Routine expertise vs. excellency

Sign Language Interpreters are a strong asset for businesses.


Communication accessibility services such as Sign Language interpreters, Video Relay Interpreting, CART / CAN and Note takers provide in incredible service and inclusiveness. Universal access is the future. 

"Rather than relying on microphones and speakers to receive a message, the deaf and hard of hearing depend on the talented hands of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters"

Musicians, Travel agencies and Disney understand the importance of providing Sign Language interpreting service. 

Technology & Sign Language interpreting services for Deaf people in Japan


With high speed internet, stronger wifi and better devices, Mr. Ohki is starting a revolution in Japan by using technology to provide instant Sign Language interpreting services for people in Japan. 

The traditional view of Sign Language in Japan is "it belongs to the field of welfare, and interpretation should be done by volunteers."

Mr. Ohki, is changing this perception of Sign Language interpreting in Japan. Now business are seeing the benefits of having Sign Language interpreters to meet the needs of their clients. 

Businesses promoting inclusion and giving an equal hand to Deaf people


So great to see Civil rights being accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. 

"Effective communication saves money for hospitals and patients,” said Alissa Conover, community advocate for Civic Access.

Being compliant to the ADA is not only the law, but it saves money for business entities from time consuming lawsuits, negative press and potential profit losses.

Instead provide great customer service satisfaction and see your business thrive! 

Providing communication access is smart and gains strong publicity for businesses.

Very important for businesses and organizations to think about when conducting their business.

Providing interpreters to customers increases satisfaction, productivity and strong social media recognition.

Here are some companies who have received lots of Social Media viral love with 200k to Millions of views: 

We highly encourage and support business, organizations and artists who provide communication access.

Hawaiian Sign Language Videos

Prior to Hawaiian-language "immersion" schools established in 1949, Hawaiian spoken language was on it's way to becoming extinct. These Hawaiian-language immersion schools were open to children whose families wanted to reintroduce Hawaiian language for future generations.

Today, Hawaiian Sign Language is also at risk of becoming a lost language. Let's help spread the signs and reintroduce Hawaiian Sign Language back to into the world. 

Here's a google search link with videos of Hawaiian Sign Language: 


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