Hawaii Interpreting Services

Resources and Links

Here are some links to community resources for Deaf people. This list is provided only for your information. Hawaii Interpreting Services does not promote or sponsor any of these organizations. Information current as of January 2014.

Aloha State Association of the Deaf

ASAD Hawaii, an affiliate of the National Association of Deaf, is a nonprofit organization that aims to strive and meet its objectives in serving the deaf/hard of hearing people in the State of Hawai`i.


Disability and Communications Access Board

DCAB serves as a public advocate of persons with disabilities by providing advice and recommendation on legislation, rules, policies, procedures, and plans relating to persons with disabilities and their civil rights or service needs. Recommended Videos: ADA Videos in ASL


Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind

HSDB is the only ASL immersion program for deaf and deaf-blind K-12 students in the State of Hawaii. They also offer Family ASL classes to families of Deaf children.


 Island Skills Gathering

ISG offers a complete array of assistive listening and alerting devices like Silent Call alerting system for a deaf person, a Comtek FM listening system for a hard of hearing person, or an augmentative communication device for a person with a speech disability.


Kapiolani Deaf Center at Kapiolani Community College

The Kapiolani Deaf Center provides programs and services for deaf students and faculty on the KCC campus, preparation of Deaf Education Paraprofessionals, programs for deaf children, their families, and teachers, and the Deaf Communities in Hawai‘i and the Pacific


Relay Hawaii

Relay Hawaii provides options for communication technology to Deaf and Hard of Hearing residents of Hawaii.


Signs of Self

Signs of Self is a nonprofit 501(c)3 serving the needs of people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, and/or deaf-blind through independent life skills training, advocacy, and community education.


Vocational Rehabilitation

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a state-federal program for individuals with disabilities who require assistance to prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment.