Hawaii Interpreting Services
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Hawaii Interpreting Services is always looking for interpreters and real-time captioners who posses:

  • linguistic and cultural competency
  • ethical and professional business practices
  • and connection to the Deaf community

New to Hawaii? Please visit our Newcomers to Hawaii page for more information.

Hawaii Interpreting Services offers work in a variety of settings including, business, education, legal, medical, and social services.  For ongoing K-12 educational work, contact the Department of Education.

To achieve our goal to provide professional, highly skilled interpreters/captioners and meet customer needs, HIS requires the following:

  • General Excise Tax License
  • Resume
  • Current Certification or Membership
  • Proof of Professional Liability Insurance
  • W-9
  • Signed HIS Service Contact Agreement

Additionally, if you want to be available for medical assignments, you will also need:

  • TB Test
  • Immunization Record
  • Drug Clearance
  • In-House Training (Kaiser only)

If you want to be available for military assignments, you will also need:

  • Current Drivers License
  • Proof of Auto Insurance (motorcycles not permitted)
  • Safety Check

If you want to be available for legal assignments, you will also need:

Please fill out our New Interpreter/Captioner Registration form to get started.