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Service Agreement

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR STATUS:  It is understood that sign language interpreters and captioners referred by Hawai`i Interpreting Services are independent contractors and are NOT EMPLOYEES of Hawai`i Interpreting Services and are NOT EMPLOYEES of the customer.

TEAM INTERPRETING:  Assignments lasting longer than one hour may require two or more sign language interpreters, depending on the situation (type of situation, number of deaf people involved, etc.)  The need for additional interpreters will be determined by Hawai`i Interpreting Services in consultation with the customer and when appropriate, the deaf people involved.

TRAVEL TIME AND EXPENSE:  When sign language interpreters or captioners cannot be located on a neighbor island, with approval from the customer, an interpreter or captioner from another island, usually O`ahu, will be assigned.  Billing time begins 1 hour prior to the scheduled flight time to allow adequate time for check-in.  The cost of the flight, accommodations, and rental car or other transportation (shuttle, taxi), airport parking, and mileage round trip to the airport will be the responsibility of the customer.


  • All requests are made online.  If online access is not available, call 808-394-7706 for assistance.
  • Go to www.interpretinghawaii.com.
  • Register for a username and password.
  • Sign the Service Agreement form including complete billing information.  Requests must be made by the organization or agency that will be responsible for payment of services.
  • Once you have been issued a username and password, you can make, edit and cancel requests online.
  • Be assured that if you haven’t heard from us, we are continuing to search for an available service provider.  If no interpreter or captioner can be scheduled, you will be notified and if possible, the appointment can be rescheduled

CANCELLING INTERPRETERS AND CAPTIONERS REQUESTS  Cancellation time is counted on business weekdays (8:30 AM-4:30 PM) and excludes weekends and holidays:

Requests cancelled more than 3 business days before the assigned time should be cancelled online (click on “View Existing Jobs” and then click on “Cancel”). Customers failing to cancel will be responsible for full payment of the requested job.

Requests cancelled less than 3 business days before the assigned time should be cancelled by phone (808) 394-7706.

Requests of 4 hours or less 2 business days notice required to waive charge
Requests of more than 4 hours 3 business days notice required to waive charge
Late cancellations and no shows The full scheduled charge will be assessed.

DOUBLE BOOKING INTERPRETERS OR CAPTIONERS:  If the customer books interpreters or captioners on their own and does not notify Hawai`i Interpreting Services that their original request is cancelled, the customer is responsible for full payment for the HIS-scheduled interpreter or captioner. (See cancellation policy above.)


HIS will email invoices at the completion of services unless other arrangements have been made.  Payment is due within 30 days of the billing date.  We offer a variety of payment options including check, credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), and P-Card. Payable upon receipt of invoice through our secure site Gridcheck.com. Late Payment Penalties will be assessed.  To request a quote or for any questions about billing, send an email to info@interpretinghawaii.com

Exceptions to Billing and Payment Options: Rates and policies for interpreters in legal or theatrical settings are to be negotiated with and billed directly to the interpreter(s).